Saturday, April 7, 2018

Saturday Snippet: It Was Not Going to Happen

This excerpt is from my last year's Grandma's Wedding Quilts series book Kizzie's Kisses.

When her mother hadn’t been looking, under her blue skirt Kizzie had pulled on her trousers she had altered from an old pair previously worn by her father. Her mother might have them turn the remaining cattle loose to fend for themselves, but under no circumstances did she intend to leave Sugarcone behind. Her family might consider it more seemly for a young woman age fifteen to ride in the wagon instead of being seen astride a horse, but Kizzie made other plans. She had quickly decided she would take Sugarcone, the horse she had received for her most recent birthday, to ride after her father and uncle for help. She loved that horse with its soft molasses brown coat sprinkled with a smattering of white hairs that hinted of a brindle somewhere in her pedigree. Although Sugarcone was not a big animal, she was a strong mare with powerful formation, and she was the perfect size for Kizzie to ride.

Kizzie knew she didn’t dare say a word about her plan, or her mother would have insisted it was too dangerous. After all, unlike her cousin, Hannah, the perfect daughter, she had a tendency to do many things her family considered inappropriate for a young woman. She could hear her mother now: It was unseemly for her to ride off by herself. If anyone rode alone to get help, it should be Jesse.

As far as Kizzie was concerned, her little brother riding off on her horse was not going to happen.

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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Saturday Snippet: He's a Bad One

The following is from my second book in my Eastern Sierra Brides 1884 series, A Resurrected Heart

Beth stopped cutting flour into her lard and peeked out of the doorway. The men had settled in their seats and several stared at the doorway with expectation. One sitting with his back to the wall, catching her eye, slammed his open palm on the tabletop.

“Hey! You gonna take our order?”

The man who yelled at her appeared to be well into his liquor. But, it was the one next to him that made her blood run cold. He fixed a stare on her and Beth could tell he proceeded to undress her with his eyes.

He’s a bad one.

Still, she had a job to do. It was best to let them know right from the start that she was a cook, not an upstairs girl.

“Yes, Gus, I’m on my way.”

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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Saturday Snippet: And, My Stubborn Son, I Know You

My book, The Bavarian Jeweler, is now available on Amazon both for purchase or free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription. For a short time, copies may be obtained without cost on the Sweet Americana Sweethearts blog. Click on the book cover in the right sidebar and follow the Book Funnel links. While you are at the blog, please sign up to follow it by email or Networked Blogs.

“You will be a success, no matter where you go. And, my stubborn son, I know you. I am also aware of how oppressive the guilds can be in the name of preserving our crafts. And then there is your brother, Heinrich. It is his shop, but you do not do well at being second in command. You would have constantly chafed at following your brother’s decisions, and you would have chafed at the intrusion and demands of the guild.”

His teeth clenched, Wilhelm leaned back and stared at his father. He dared not say a word to contradict him. What his father said was true.

The senior Heinrich softened his voice as he continued. “I have talked to those who have lived for years in America. They assure me it is not the same there. In America, you will not have the safety net of a guild, but neither will you be under their domination. You can build your business how you see fit. You are my one son I do not fear turning loose in the world to make your way on your own.”

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