Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I don't have enough to do with my time.


Now that I am a published author, the reality of also needing to spend time getting the word out about my books that are already available has become part of my writing experience, whether or not I think I have the time.

One of the more effective ways to let readers know about the kinds of books they like to read is to attract them to sign up to follow a group blog. Group blogs feature several authors who band together and take responsibility for providing a post on a regular basis. Also, on a group blog, it is important to offer readers and subscribers information they may find interesting, informative and entertaining. I subscribe to several group blogs and enjoy reading the great posts by published authors.

Since most group blogs I enjoy already have a full slate of contributing writers, I created a new group blog, SWEET AMERICANA SWEETHEARTS. Rather than make it a duplicate of the historical western blogs already out there, I came up with a slightly different focus to appeal to a specific reading audience. SWEET AMERICANA SWEETHEARTS features sweet/clean writers of historical romance novels set in North America during the years of 1820 through 1920.

In a little over 24 hours since I started spreading the word about this new blog, I've had three published writers express an interest in becoming contributing authors. I'm just waiting for their author photo, bio and gmail address so I can get them assigned to a day each month and get them linked up. Read my inaugural post by clicking HERE and the guidelines by clicking HERE if you are a published sweet/clean romance writer interested in contributing to this blog.

SWEET AMERICANA SWEETHEARTS will also feature guest authors, blog tours and "Tidbit Tuesdays." Our first Tidbit Tuesday for works in progress (WIP) excerpts between 100-200 words in length is now active. You can see the post HERE. If you are a sweet/clean historical romance author who writes about North America during the century of 1820 through 1920, please consider leaving your WIP tidbit in the comments section.

At the group blog administrator, I'll get authors signed up and manage the guest authors, Tidbit Tuesdays and blog tours. However, once authors are assigned to a specific day of a specific week, the blog for that day is THEIRS. They add the post. They respond to the reader comments. They promote their blog post on their media sources.

If you are a READER who enjoys sweet/clean historical romance novels set in North America between 1820 and 1920, please sign up to subscribe to the SWEET AMERICANA SWEETHEARTS blog by clicking HERE.