Saturday, April 28, 2018

Saturday Snippet: He Was Her Younger Brother

This excerpt is from my last year's Grandma's Wedding Quilts series book Kizzie's Kisses. This offers some insight into how well Kizzie deferred to male authority:

Kizzie could tell packing the wagon had used up what little reserve of energy Mima had still possessed. She had watched as her mother had crawled into her wagon box next to Meredith and, with a sigh, had leaned back against a stack of bedding. Jessie had climbed into the seat to drive the wagon, settling the shotgun at his feet.

Kizzie gritted her teeth as she recalled how he had barked an order at her just as she had finished handing the jug with the willow bark tea to Grandpa. “Kizzie, make sure the barn and corral are clear then catch up and get in the wagon. We’re leaving now.”

Jesse was her younger brother. Who was he to give her orders?

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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Saturday Snippet: Just Leave Her On The Doorstep

The following is from my third book in my Eastern Sierra Brides 1884 series, Her Independent Spirit.

          As she gazed down at the child now sleeping peacefully in her arms, her mouth occasionally moving in suckling motions as if she continued to nurse, Lulu realized she needed to decide what to do about Sophie Ann. Did the baby’s future belong with her? Or, was it best for her daughter if she heeded Miss Flora’s directive to find a home for the baby so she could resume working by the end of the month?

          In spite of the money she would earn, Lulu cringed at the thought of once again subjecting herself to being pawed—and more—by men.

          Flora had offered to let Albert drive her into Bridgeport during the next week so she could leave the baby on the doorstep of one of the local churches. Flora insisted that someone would find the baby, fall in love with her, and the child would be well cared for as she grew in her adopted family.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018


There is a story behind this next book, Charlie's Choice.

In January, 2017, I published Kizzie's Kisses, which was Book 2 in the Grandma's Wedding Quilts multi-author series put together by authors who blog for Sweet Americana Sweethearts. This past January, several of the blog authors published a second series, Lockets & Lace. My book, Otto's Offer, was Book 3 in that series.

At the time of the first series, I developed a family of cousins to Kizzie. Otto Atwell is Kizzie Atwell's first cousin. He was a secondary character in her book. Just as some of the other authors who wrote for these two series wrote stories that fit in their own individual series, I decided to write a series titled
Atwell Kin

I left Kizzie's Kisses as Book 2 and Otto's Offer as Book 3 in my Atwell Kin series. That meant, I needed to come up with a Book 0 (prequel) and Book 1 pretty quick.

Below I am proud to share my cover for Book 0,
the prequel in the Atwater Kin series,

Charlie's Choice

I will give my readers their choice in how to view the cover.
First, if you like puzzles, click here and solve the online 45 piece puzzle.

If you choose to view it right away, scroll down to see my cover for

Charlie's Choice.











My book description and publication date will be announced later. 

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Saturday Snippet: It Was Not Going to Happen

This excerpt is from my last year's Grandma's Wedding Quilts series book Kizzie's Kisses.

When her mother hadn’t been looking, under her blue skirt Kizzie had pulled on her trousers she had altered from an old pair previously worn by her father. Her mother might have them turn the remaining cattle loose to fend for themselves, but under no circumstances did she intend to leave Sugarcone behind. Her family might consider it more seemly for a young woman age fifteen to ride in the wagon instead of being seen astride a horse, but Kizzie made other plans. She had quickly decided she would take Sugarcone, the horse she had received for her most recent birthday, to ride after her father and uncle for help. She loved that horse with its soft molasses brown coat sprinkled with a smattering of white hairs that hinted of a brindle somewhere in her pedigree. Although Sugarcone was not a big animal, she was a strong mare with powerful formation, and she was the perfect size for Kizzie to ride.

Kizzie knew she didn’t dare say a word about her plan, or her mother would have insisted it was too dangerous. After all, unlike her cousin, Hannah, the perfect daughter, she had a tendency to do many things her family considered inappropriate for a young woman. She could hear her mother now: It was unseemly for her to ride off by herself. If anyone rode alone to get help, it should be Jesse.

As far as Kizzie was concerned, her little brother riding off on her horse was not going to happen.

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