Saturday, October 20, 2018

Saturday Snippets: You’re a Haint, Ain’t You?

The following snippet is from 
Haunted by Love 
Part of the Eastern Sierra Brides 1884 series

          Hazel waited, but heard no response. “I can tell you’re here, Charlotte, and you seem a mite sad, but I can’t see you none. And there ain’t no baby that I can see. Are-are you under the bed, or hidin’ in a closet?”
          Hazel gasped for breath and gripped the bedpost until her fingers ached as she witnessed the scene before her eyes. Where before the carpet in colors of red, blue and beige between the bed and the side window and a nightstand appeared bare, she now watched as a mound of white materialized on top. Next she watched a dark spot in the center which Hazel soon realized it was hair lift to reveal a face. It belonged to an attractive young woman perhaps in her mid-twenties. Hazel had no idea how the woman accomplished it, but she rose to her feet as if pulled up by a puppeteer’s string until she stood at her full height. The two studied each other. Hazel’s eyes never left Charlotte’s face, yet with her peripheral vision she could not help but notice the beautiful nip and tucked yoke edged with lace on the white nightgown the woman wore.
          Gradually, the fear Hazel felt faded. The person before her radiated sorrow and worry, but nothing Hazel considered threatening. She began to suspect what she was seeing.
          “You’re a haint, ain’t you?”

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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Saturday Snippets: Isn't This a Sight? #giveaway

The following snippet is from  
part of the series
The Widows of Wildcat Ridge

            “Well, isn’t this a sight?”
            Nissa cringed inside as she recognized the voice and spun around to face her late husband’s employer and her nemesis, Mortimer Crane. “What are you doing here? You have not been invited to come onto my property. I want you to go now.”
            Mortimer smiled sardonically as he spread his hands, palms up, and stepped closer. “Now, Mrs. Stillwell. Tsk. Tsk. Is this any way to behave around an old friend?”

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Saturday, October 6, 2018

Saturday Snippets: I Believe It Will Be Safe to Attend

This book will spoil you alert --
Nissa from the series,
The Widows of Wildcat Ridge
has a secondary romance.
I'm afraid it might steal the show. Here's a snippet:

Hal watched as she furtively glanced over to Mr. Crane. He also looked over. Mr. Crane had assumed the stance of one filled with a sense of self-importance. He now talked with another customer on the other side of the room from the teller cage.

            Hal turned back at the sound of his money being slid across the counter towards him. Miss Templeton leaned forward until her face almost touched the bars. She looked him in the eye.

            “My first name is Birdie. Considering the dance is a community affair and we women from the church will be helping with refreshments…” Hal watched Birdie check once more that Mortimer Crane’s attention remained focused elsewhere. “Yes…yes, I believe it will be safe for me to attend the dance. I hope to see you there, Mr. Summers.”

            Momentarily speechless, Hal stared at Miss Birdie Templeton.

            Safe to attend a community dance?

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