Saturday, September 29, 2018

Saturday Snippets: You Will Not Take Them

The following is from 
part of the series, 
Sweethearts of Jubilee Springs

          Delphinia knew without looking. Someone had followed her, probably one of her father’s minions. He must be behind her.
          Delphinia reached forward and grabbed the letters out of the clerk’s hands. Undoing her top button on the neckband of her stand-up collar with one hand, she stuffed the letters down her front. She rebuttoned her clothing and twirled around as Emery Garland, one of her father’s assistants, stopped within three feet of her.
          Garland held out his hand. “I’ll take those, Miss Blakewell. I have instructions from your father….”
          “You will not take them, Mr. Garland, unless you plan to assault my person in a public place. They belong to me.”

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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Saturday Snippet: I'LL THINK ABOUT IT

 The following snippet is from Millwright's Daughter,

one of nine novellas in the
Under a Mulberry Moon anthology.

          Caroline jerked her hand through the air. “Phffft! The marriage record was gone, just like that. Fortunately, the couple’s parents had recorded the details in the family Bible. They took that and the two witnesses to the county courthouse and was able to get it recorded so there was no question the marriage was legal.”

          Kit, his eyes twinkling, tamped down a smile. “I’m sure the marriage was recorded in heaven, Mrs. Arnold, as well as properly on earth in spite of the mishap. I imagine the Methodist circuit rider suffered genuine remorse over the incident, particularly since he lost his horse and probably barely escaped with his life. Maybe it’s time to forgive him.”

            Caroline pursed her lips and looked off to the side. “Perhaps. I’ll think about it.”

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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Saturday Snippets: Who Are Those Men?

 The following snippet is from my latest book, 

from the series, 
The Widows of Wildcat Ridge.

            A scowl on his face and a whine in his voice, Jamie turned to face Nissa and pointed at the wood still traveling downstream. “But, Mama, my boat’s doing real good. Look!”

            “Jamie, now!”

            In spite of the edge to his mother’s voice and her hurried steps towards him, Jamie opened his mouth to protest further. Then he caught sight of the three men on horseback across the creek as they slowly followed his mother. “Who are those men, Mama?”

            Nissa wished more than ever she had tucked into her pocket her Derringer given to her by her father so many years ago. She did not carry it while washing laundry for fear the wet suds would get in the gun and ruin it. She felt no need to carry a weapon since the laundry yard next to the hotel was a safe place—usually. Then again, Wildcat Ridge did not normally have men from all walks of life coming into town for a horse auction. Especially after the scene with Mortimer Crane that morning and now this, maybe it was time to sew a pouch with strings attached to hold the pistol so she could tie it around her waist with the Derringer resting against her back.

            Nissa reached Jamie and grabbed his hand. “No one we know. We need to go back and check the water on the stove.”

            Nissa cringed at hearing the maniacal laugh. “But I’d like to know you, pretty lady. I’d like to know you real well.”

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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Saturday Snippet: Pigs Will Fly This Week

The following snippet is from my latest book, 
from the series, 
The Widows of Wildcat Ridge.

          Mortimer dropped all pretense of joviality and leaned forward with a menacing stance. “It is you I want to strip bare of that peasant sack you are wearing, Mrs. Stillwell. I want you dressed in a fetching green evening gown to entertain gentlemen who will appreciate your assets at my salon.” Mortimer narrowed his eyes and smiled with a salacious expression on his face. “You know the one I mean, Mrs. Stillwell. You flaunted yourself before me the night your late husband brought me home for supper in hopes of him securing a raise from me.”
          Nissa felt her flesh crawl. She knew the gown of which he spoke. The one time she wore it, the ice green silk skirt draped lavishly across her front before it gathered into a bustle made of three layers of flounces. The tight, cut-low bodice and off-the-shoulder sleeves displayed far too much skin for her tastes. James, having understood his employer’s tastes, had insisted she buy and wear it for the very purpose the reprobate before her stated.
          “You left it in the house when you moved out, Mrs. Stillwell. I saved it, knowing I and my guests would want to see you in it again. Now, let’s not be foolish by claiming any false sense of propriety. Your husband owed me money, he’s dead, and it is up to you to make up my loss. I want you in my Gentlemen Only Salon entertaining customers to pay for your late husband’s—indiscriminate spending, shall we say? It is only fitting, don’t you think, since part of what he owes me is for services he availed himself of at the very establishment where I expect you to work off his debts?”
          Nissa snorted. “When pigs fly.”
          “This is the week pigs will fly, Mrs. Stillwell.”

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