Friday, May 1, 2015

Big Step - Zina Abbott's Facebook Account

I'm taking a big step, here. This may be one of the biggest since my decision to write historical fiction as Zina Abbott.

Zina Abbott is now on Facebook. Yes, I do have a Zina Abbott Books page under Robyn Echols. However, I am unable to link my Zina Abbott Pinterest and Goodreads accounts to Facebook the way things are currently set up.

Also, I am working on the assumption that most people who "Like" or "Follow" Zina Abbott Books are only interested in my books and experiences as a writer. They don't necessarily want to get in on my family and vacation pictures, political and religious views or be bombarded with the goofy sayings and jokes I like to forward on my other Facebook account. After checking around with other authors for their feedback, I decided now is the time to make this change.

So, please! I BEG YOU. If you have already "liked" or are following my existing Zina Abbott page, please send a friend request to me at: ZINA ABBOTT ON FACEBOOK.

And, if you haven't "liked" or "followed" me yet on Facebook, I invite you to do so. Click on the above link or on the banner below.

I will be putting a notice on my prior page stating that I am going to let it go inactive.

Zina Abbott Facebook banner - Keep in mind my portrait goes in the spot on the left.

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