Friday, December 18, 2015

Featuring- THE CHRISTMAS ROOM by Tanya Hanson

Today I am featuring the novelette, The Christmas Room, by Tanya Hanson.

About the Book:

Despite a tragic past and unspeakable grief, innkeeper Martita Akala finds peace in Honolulu. Until a handsome American cowboy disrupts her well-ordered life. 
          Rooney Lind sails from California to find his late cousin’s lost love. After spending time in a room decorated for Christmas all year long, he discovers what he’s been looking for his whole life.


     His hands, still warm from touching hers...Rooney hated himself. Martita’d been gone maybe a minute and he found himself missing her, and hated himself more.  His heart had closed up when Geraldine died and he’d found out her guilty truth. She’d killed him of loving, trusting. He shook away the feelings, shoulder aching. Wished Martita’d left the whiskey bottle behind.
     Well, she was kind, and pretty, and his landlady for a while. No reason not to admire her as a friend.  Martita. An exotic name to be sure, but not a native islander, he didn’t think. Not with those blue eyes. But her hair and skin were dark enough, and her voice and body swayed like the palm trees...
Portuguese maybe. Folks coming here to work the plantations...
You may purchase The Christmas Room by clicking HERE.
This book is also published as part of a three-novella collection with two other authors released this year, The Brides of Christmas – Volume 2. You may purchase it by clicking HERE.

About the Author: 

Tanya Hanson is a beach girl and country gramma who lives on California’s central coast with her firefighter husband. Volunteering at the local horse rescue and playing with her two little grandsons are her favorite things. She and Hubs travel to visit family in Hawaii several times a year, and this story was inspired on one of her visits, in her sister’s very own “Christmas room.” 

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