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A Guest Post by Kristin Holt
4 and half out of 5 stars

Silver Belles and Stetsons is currently rated 4.5/5 stars on (over 17 reviews)
"Ten authors, unique talents, all coming together to share good old-fashioned rugged romance in a time when life was a struggle, but the land was rugged and wild and people had to have spines of steel to survive." ~ Dii, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer on 11-4-15
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One of the biggest challenges for authors and readers within the romance genre is to adequately communicate the language and heat (or sensuality/sexual) content. No industry standard exists for novels, where in television and movies, ratings are most helpful in allowing selective viewers to make an informed decision.

Every author in the anthology writes a different heat level (both language and sexual content). We all aimed to write "on the sweeter end" for this collection. Because I write "Sweet, Appropriate for All Audiences" (Rated G to mild PG), I'll provide my personal opinions of each novella's rating (similar to TV- and movie-ratings) so selective readers might make a decision they're most comfortable with.
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Silver Belles and Stetsons is a fresh combination of unique Western Historical Cowboy Christmas Novellas from ten authors with very different styles. I had the privilege of reading the entire anthology in the days surrounding its release (11-2-15).

Ten Western Romance Christmas Novellas by Amazon bestselling and Award-Winning Authors. Available as a boxed set for a limited time. A savings of more than 75% if the books were purchased separately.

Bestselling and Award-winning authors bring you ten western romance novellas featuring alpha-cowboys from the past. This boxed set will take you back in time when men were rugged and handsome and the women who loved them courageous and daring.
Christmas toy pine cone on the treeThe Greatest Gift: A Montana Cowboy Christmas by Kathleen Ball. Amazon Bestselling and Award- Wining Author. Looking for the man who ran out on her, Ginger finds a cowboy worthy of love but he doesn't want or need love. Kristin's opinion: PG-13 (mild-moderate language).
Stone Mountain Christmas by Caroline Clemmons, CarolineClemmons_StoneMountainChristmas_frontPODAmazon Bestselling and Award-Winning Author. Can Celia restore the town's Christmas spirit? "A beautifully written story about love and hope and all the emotions Christmas brings out in people." Karren Lucas Kristin's opinion: very mild PG (no language, nothing beyond kisses).
Catheine's Cowboy. CaitCatherine’s Cowboy by Cait Braxton, Amazon Bestselling and Award-Winning Author. During a supernatural dust storm, Fate steps in when rugged army tracker Elam helps Catherine deliver her child. Kristin's opinion: PG (moderate language, mild-moderate violence, mild-moderate sensuality).
Angel and the Texan from County Cork by Carra Copelin. Carra Copelin. Angel and the TexanAmazon Bestselling and Award-Winning Author. Does Angel trust marriage to the man she suspects of killing her husband or the stranger who promises to pay off her debt and set her free if she decides their marriage of convenience won’t work? Kristin's opinion: PG (mild to moderate violence).
Drifters proposal 500x728The Drifter’s Proposal by Kristin Holt, Amazon Bestselling Author. The baker's man is home for Christmas... "Compelling. Heartwarming. Tender." ~Diane Darcy, USA Today Bestselling Author Kristin's opinion: very mild PG (no language, nothing beyond kisses).
The Perfect Gift by Lyn Horner, Award-winning author. Lynn Horner. The Perfect GiftFriendship has blossomed into young love, but it seems destined to die on the vine...until an unexpected Christmas gift promises happiness. Kristin's opinion: PG-13 (mild-moderate sensuality).
Susan Horsnell Mistletoe Large resolutionMarshal Mistletoe by Susan Horsnell. She married the wrong man. Will fate intervene? Kristin's opinion: PG-13+ to R (sensuality).
Christmas Redemption [not yet available as a single title]Christmas Redemption Cover by Paty Jager, Amazon Bestselling and Award-Winning Author. Can two battered hearts find solace or will the past continue to haunt their lives? "A story of forgiveness that has a wonderful hero who has worked hard to redeem himself." Kristin's opinion: PG-13+ (mild-moderate language, sensuality).
HardCandyChristmasmediumA Hard Candy Christmas by Hebby Roman, Amazon Bestselling Author. Two damaged souls. Can their budding love and the healing power of Christmas bring them together? Kristin's opinion: PG-13+ (moderate language, sensuality, mild violence).
Christmas Cowboy by Margaret Tanner. Margaret Tanner's Cowboy ChristmasWill a miracle Christmas baby unite two tortured souls, or will it forever keep them apart? Kristin's opinion: PG-13+ to R (mild-moderate language, sensuality, moderate violence).
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Thank you to Zina Abbott for hosting our anthology today!
Kristin Holt
Kristin Holt writes Sweet Victorian Romance set in the American West. She writes frequently about old west history and contributes monthly to Sweet Americana Sweethearts.
Copyright © 2015 Kristin Holt, LC .

Monday, November 16, 2015

Congratulations Winners!

Thank you to those who participated in my blog tour for Too Old for Christmas and for those who took the time to visit the blogs. 

Now to announce the winners of the Rafflecopter drawing! 

Congratulations to Melissa and Penny who each won a $10 gift certificate from Amazon. 

Also, congratulations to Evelyn who won her choice of one of the books from the Eastern Sierra Brides 1884 series. The first two books, Big Meadows Valentine and A Resurrected Heart are already available. The third, Her Independent Heart is scheduled to be published in the first half of 2016.

  Winners, I will contact you by email so you may claim your prizes. 

A holiday romance set in 1854 Columbia, California.
Too Old for Christmas, by Zina Abbott.

 About the Book:

Irishman Sean Flood survived the potato famine, crossing the Atlantic, the Mexican-American War, and wandering the Western wilderness with his mules and freight wagon. But, due to poor diet and deprivation, his teeth did not fare well. It’s November of 1854 in Columbia, California, Queen of the Southern Mines, a city Sean is helping to rebuild after the disastrous fire the previous summer. Intense stabbing tooth pain drives him to see Doc Massey, the local dentist. He first stops by the mercantile to pick up a bottle of whiskey—for medicinal purposes—and food­­­­ he’ll be able to eat when it’s all over. If only the beautiful but aggravating woman ahead of him who keeps her face half hidden and insists she won’t accept charity would finish up with her purchase so he can get his supplies, his tooth pulled and return home to his mules and half-built cabin….

That night, Sean meets the woman’s two sons, Jesse and Benjy McNair, and learns her secret. He decides with only three teeth left in his head, he needs widow Ona McNair’s charity—and he’s willing to pay for it. Sean won’t accept nine year-old Jesse’s declaration his family’s poverty means the boy is too old for Christmas that year. Sean is a full-grown man and he’s not too old for Christmas. He not only plans to come bearing gifts to Christmas Eve dinner with the McNairs, but he knows exactly what gift he wants for himself.  
*Sweet Romance

Too Old for Christmas is now available on pre-order at Amazon and will be released this coming Wednesday, November 18th. You may purchase it by clicking HERE. It will be available on Nook soon.

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