Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Coming in 2016

I am excited about my writing and publishing goals I have set for 2016.

First off, although I got distracted and delayed to the point I missed a crucial deadline with my publisher, Prairie Rose Publications (PRP), my third novella in the EASTERN SIERRA BRIDES 1884 series, Her Independent Spirit,  is at my publishers and will be released hopefully in the spring. I just finished sending some input to help with cover design.

Her Independent Spirit follows BigMeadows Valentine which covers the time period of the first week in January, 1884 through Valentine’s Day that year, and A Resurrected Heart which takes place the first weekend in April, 1884. The months covered by this third book are May through September.

I also plan to submit for publication the last two books in this series. One will take place in October. Yep! I’m actually going to write a “ghost” story. The last covers the holidays, both Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you have been following the story of stubborn and determined Beth Dodd and her romance with Val Caldwell, you will find out what she was able to accomplish, and what she needed to give up. But, hers is not the only romance in this series. Read it to the end to find out who the other three lovely ladies are.

In addition, I am scrambling to finish up a short piece to submit for PRP’s anthology, Lariats, Letters & Lace. This story which I have tentatively titled He Is a Good Man, is set in 1866 California. No, it is not a gold rush story. No miners. 

For this story I have been reading some interesting books on the early history of the state, including the Civil War in California. My hero, Henry “Hal” Avery, is a rancher, but much of the story revolves around his Civil War experiences and those of other characters mentioned in the story. My heroine, Malinda “Mali” Forsythe, and her family represent the challenges faced by those left behind. So, my publisher will tell me one of three things when they receive this manuscript:

1.     Great! Let’s put this in the anthology.
2.     You still don’t get this cowboy thing, Zina. You still love a man in uniform too much. It won’t fit in the anthology, but we will publish it as a single. (It wouldn’t be the first time this has happened.)
3.     Sorry, y’all. This doesn’t cut it. We’re not interested.

Either way, I am having way too much fun writing this story. I will be so glad when it is finished.

There may be other writing projects on my schedule before the year is out, but I will start by focusing on these. No more missing crucial submission deadlines, Zina….


 Zina Abbott is the pen name I use for my historical novels. My novel, Family Secrets, was published by Fire Star Press. My novelette, A Christmas Promise, along with the first two novellas in the Eastern Sierra Brides 1884 series, Big Meadows Valentine and A Resurrected Heart, was published by Prairie Rose Publications.

I am a member of Women Writing the West, American Night Writers Association, and Modesto Writers Meet Up. I currently live with my husband in California near the “Gateway to Yosemite.” I enjoy any kind of history including family history. When I am not piecing together novel plots, I piece together quilt blocks.

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