Friday, June 10, 2016

Featured Book: Threads of THE WAR - Vol. 3

My guest author today is
Jeremy Strozer
featuring his latest book:
Threads of THE WAR - Volume 3

Book Description:

Threads of The War, Volume III collects and shares personal narratives during real events across the span of The 20th Century's War. Building off of the success of Volumes I and II, Threads III takes us from the private study of the Kaiser in the summer of 1914, through the trench on the last day of World War I, across the frosty Icelandic landmass in 1940 into the hills of Korea in 1951. Within short easily-readable, yet emotionally compelling, bursts Threads III continues opening the door to the personal facet of war; exposing the reader to the facts, fictions, and fallacies of armed violence. Following each story, the reader is provided specific and revealing facts about the events narrated, offering both entertainment and education within the time it takes to read a blog-post.

My Book Review: 

Jeremy Strozer writes this series of books in a style he calls “flash fiction.” They are short stories written in first person of events that take place in war. These stories are in depth vignettes and focus on a micro events as opposed to a broad view with an involved plot. These stories focus on intense personal reactions to acute events or critical decisions and their consequences, both physical and emotional.

I particularly appreciate that at the end of the fictional story, the author includes the factual details of an actual event which was the inspiration for the story. Sometimes they are a mere snippet of history, other times a historical footnote. It was as though the author, after reading one of these instances connected to one of the twentieth century wars asked himself, “If that was me, how would I have felt, what would I have done, and what unexpected consequences would I have encountered?” He ended up with a collection of stories that pack a punch.

The author’s three books are great ones to download onto a cell phone to read while standing in line or waiting for an appointment. They are short, and thought-provoking. They enough to consider I usually prefer to read only a few stories at a time to allow myself to fully digest and appreciate them. I highly recommend this to those who love to read about true stories from the twentieth century world wars and beyond.

About Jeremy Strozer:

I write first-person emotional history in order to teach people to avoid the wanton waste of war. Fascinated by ideas and personal stories, I am able to find connections between seemingly disparate phenomena. By enjoying thinking and learning about the past I understand the present through creating its context. I have faith in the links between all things; believing there are few coincidences and that almost every event has a reason. I am also inspired by the future and what could be; thereby inspiring others with my visions of what occurred and what is possible.

My inspiration comes from years of improvisational acting education; the actions and writing of Gene Sharp, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Woody Guthrie, Studs Terkel, and Henry David Thoreau; as well as an affinity for history. I believe all stories are best told from the perspective of the individual experiencing the event and that learning about history should be an emotionally driven experience. Therefore, I push the conviction that all history is simply a personal story, compounded and woven with the personal story of everyone else, throughout time.

Raised in California, I moved to the D. C. area at the age of 18 to attend university. Through education and luck, I've been able to travel across vast swaths of the world, seeing and feeling things I never would have realized otherwise. I helped remove unexploded ordnance from war ravaged countries, stem the flow of the world's most dangerous weapons, and potentially reduce the likelihood of war between some of the world's most powerful countries.

Now, I simply seek to warn the world of the human cost of violence.

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