Monday, July 3, 2017

Now on Preorder: CAT'S MEOW

This has been a busy week. What I was thinking when I scheduled two books two weeks apart?

All right, I know what my unrealistic brain was thinking.

  •  The books are expected to be short novellas—20K to 25K words each. Easy peasy. (Didn’t happen. Aaron’s Annulment Bride came in at 36K words and Cat’s Meow at 28K words.)
  •  I can finish up the first book WEEKS before it has to be uploaded on Amazon, and have half of the second book written before the first one is published. (Didn’t happen. I was working down to the wire on the first book—past the wire, as it turned out, since I missed the TIME of the upload deadline which has caused my readers who bought my first book on preorder all kinds of problems. Fortunately, that has all been fixed. I didn’t start the second book until two weeks ago.)
  • For Aaron’sAnnulment Bride to work, Andrea needed a friend to help her get away from a bad situation. Catherine in Cat’s Meow was that friend. They traveled together, went to a few of the same events after they arrived in Jubilee Springs, but their stories are entirely different.

Now that worked!

Anyway, I put my life on hold, much to the chagrin of my husband and a few others, and finished Cat’s Meow, plus got it edited and uploaded on Amazon with three and a half hours to spare.


Victorian Patriotic Postcard
Cat’s Meow was such a fun story to write. I don’t want to give too much away, but let’s just say there was something in the air around where I live that forced me to empathize with one of the characters. 

Like Aaron’s Annulment Bride, Catherine’s story takes place the same long Independence Day weekend in 1881. In that year, July 4th fell on a Monday. A lot took place from Friday, July 1st when several women showed up in Jubilee Springs until that Monday.

Here is the Book Description for 

     Catherine “Cat” Everett has lost everything. She finds and adopts an abandoned, half-grown kitten. Unbeknownst to Harold Calloway, the man she has been writing to in Jubilee Springs with the intent of marriage, and enduring the disapproval of the railroads who do not allow pets to travel in the passenger areas, she decides to bring the kitten with her.
     When she arrives in Jubilee Springs, Catherine immediately falls in love with tall, lanky miner, Harold. She wants to marry him, but there is one “meowly” little problem.


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