Saturday, February 2, 2019


Today's Saturday Snippet comes from 
Charlie's Choice 
the prequel for the Atwell Kin series
          Meadowlark wondered what her aunt hinted at. Did Chases Quail think Gray-cloud-speaks-thunder wishes to speak to her? Whether he did or did not, she wished to see him again.

          “I need to fill the water bag for the lodge. Then I need to search for some herbs to season our evening meal. I do not know how far I must go to find what I look for.”

          Chases Quail pointed towards the dense brush to the southwest. Meadowlark’s gaze turned in the direction her aunt pointed, but she saw no one. She turned back, a question her expression. The older woman smiled knowingly and nodded.

          “When you search for your herbs, try over there. I saw something tasty that direction.”

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