Saturday, April 17, 2021

Saturday Snippet: All I'm Good for Is to Marry Off

The following snippet is taken from


Cupids and Cowboys Book 8 


          Amelia’s gaze followed Trudy as her stepmother walked toward her chair in the family parlor and sat once again. She also would be grateful when the baby came and Trudy had someone else on which to focus most of her attention. Perhaps then she would stop pushing Amelia to act like a society woman and seek a marriage with a well-heeled city man—in Stockton, no less. She’s trying to get rid of me. Then it will just be her and her little family at the ranch.

          “Take care of yourself, Trudy, and try not to overdo. I should return by dinnertime.” Amelia resettled her hat—Eddie’s old hat—on her head as she turned toward the door in the kitchen leading outside. She did not bother to remind Trudy that she did not wear Eddie’s hat because she was trying to take his place; she did so in remembrance of him.

          Amelia would like to take Eddie’s place as far as being the heir to her father’s ranching operation. She knew she was capable of running the ranch and managing both the men and the cattle. However, because she was female, she knew her father would never consider it. She knew how much he counted upon this new baby Trudy carried being a boy—a Barker son who would inherit and could carry on his work. All I’m good for is to marry off for political advantage.

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