Saturday, February 20, 2021

Saturday Snippet: I'd Like to Marry

The following snippet is taken from

Kate's Railroad Chef 

Train Wreck in Jubilee Springs Book 3  

 (Also, Book 20 in Sweethearts of Jubilee Springs)

          Garland gave her a quick glance and then faced forward. “I’d like to marry. I p-plan to p-place s-some advertisements to correspond with women regarding marriage. I won’t use Mrs. Millard, though, not after the fiasco with her losing t-track of you.” He tightened his jaw. “I’ll do my own s-searching. When I find s-someone I think is a good match, someone who thinks she can t-tolerate my s-stuttering, I don’t want to have to rid myself of complications like Fenway.”

          “And there’s no one local you’re thinking might suit you?”

          Garland shook his head. “No. A few families have t-teenage daughters, but they’re t-too young. I hope if I can develop a relationship with a woman before she hears the way I t-talk, she’ll be able to better accept me.”

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