Saturday, September 23, 2023

Saturday Snippet: Speculating About Me and My Daughter?


Today's snippet is taken from

A Watchman for Willow

Mail Order Papa, Fourth Book

 by Zina Abbott 


          “As happy as I am with your work, I know it is a challenge to try to keep Ila Mae quiet and entertained all the hours you are here. Being a mother and caring for a house is a demanding job without adding this. You need someone who will allow you to take care of your home where your focus can be on your family. Ila Mae needs a papa.”

          Feeling the intensity of Dorothy’s gaze, Willow’s shoulders involuntarily twitched. “Actually, with my husband gone, there is not nearly the same amount of work required.” I eat my big meal here. However, I do the laundry for two miners with filthy clothes and for one persnickety older woman.

          “For all I know, you and your situation might be what Mr. Pierson had in mind when he put the advertisement in the newspaper,” Dorothy spoke as if she had not heard Willow.

          “Advertisement? About me?” Her eyes rounded and lips parted, Willow slowly lifted her gaze until it met Dorothy’s. “What advertisement? Why would anyone advertise in the newspaper about me?”

          “Well, I’m not sure it’s about you. In fact, I’m not positive Mr. Pierson is the one who submitted it to the paper. Since he works for the city, and it is the city that is offering the job, I assumed he was given the task.”

          “A job with the city that involves me? No one has told me anything about it.” Clamping her lips tightly shut, Willow turned her head aside as she shook it. “I would think, if the city of Sonora wishes to involve me in something, someone should discuss it with me first.”

          “Like I said, I have no proof it is you. When some of my customers commented about it and speculated who the widow and child were, the first thought that came to me was you and Ila Mae. The timing made it likely.”

          “People are speculating about me and my daughter?” Willow sucked in a breath as she stared at Dorothy.

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