Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Cover reveal AND a title reveal.

After reviewing all the possibles on the short list for a title for this second book in the EASTERN SIERRA BRIDES 1884 series, I decided on A Resurrected Heart.

Livia at Prairie Rose Publications did it again with a beautiful cover. That picture of Mount Scowden behind the current fishing resort of Lundy is mine, but she combined it with a beautiful blue sky that set off the blue signature banner with the images of my main characters, Val and Beth. (Trust me, that wimpy late winter sky in my original photo was nothing to write home about.) I  also love how she used the clouds as a backdrop for the series title.

Livia must have had the cover pretty much already worked up while we were debating about the title. Cheryl and I no sooner decided on the name, A Resurrected Heart, and within 24 hours I had this in my email inbox.

The tag line is:  A march, a birth, a burial -- and a resurrection of her heart.

I love it! 

This novella is scheduled to be released sometime in April.

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  1. That is a beautiful title and an equally beautiful cover. Congratulations and well done!


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