Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Eastern Sierra Brides 1884 Series: ANOTHER BRIDE?

I've been working hard on my last book in the Eastern Sierra Brides 1884 series. Three are now published, and you can find the book links by CLICKING HERE.

I recently signed a contract for the fourth in the series titled  Haunted by Love. The title can give you a clue as to when it may be released. 

As for where much of the story is set, this old photo may give you a clue.

To wrap up the year 1884, I had two brides--and two weddings--in mind. As I started to write the story, I decided to add some excitement in the form of including an incident that took place in that area in 1884 and had the good folks of Lundy, and later Bridgeport, all stirred up for awhile. After I researched that incident and started a whole new first chapter to the fifth book, the story started writing itself. I ended up with a huge chapter, and it isn't complete. I have at least two to three more chapters to write, just to wrap this incident up with a satisfactory conclusion.

Then I realized I have another bride--one I didn't know existed until I woke up with her on my mind Tuesday morning.

          Will she fit in my last book in the series with a working title of Bridgeport Holiday Brides? 

                    Or, will she need her own story in order to not detract from my other two brides?


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  1. got my curiosities wondering what the creators of a writers mind is going to write now! Can't wait to read it!


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