Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Doin' the Happy Dance

Yep! I'm doin' my happy dance. 

 In case you don't know why, it isn't just that I have a new book being published on June 20th. It is because I now have my big-time mess cleaned up. Hopefully, by the time most of my readers read the Sweet Americana Sweethearts post on the 20th announcing my book along with three others are now live, Amazon will have uploaded my revised manuscript, and all will be good.

If you didn't read my last post of true confessions on this blog of how I messed up big-time, please CLICK HERE

The corrected version I uploaded tonight as soon as I knew my book had become active I designated as version 2. That means, if you were one of my loyal readers who already bought my book on preorder, and you get the unfinished version on your Kindle or Kindle app, you should shortly get an email from Amazon notifying you that the manuscript has had significant updates. I'll say it has had significant updates, such as the other two-thirds of the story plus (hopefully) the grammar and spelling all cleaned up.

Along with that email you should receive instructions on how to get the updated version.  Or, you can read my previous email that should tell you how to get the updated book once it is available.

If you bought the book on preorder all I can say is thank you, and please, PLEASE forgive the inconvenience. I must have missed the cut-off time by less than a half hour, but almost doesn't count. Believe me, I'll pay closer attention next time.

This book will continue to be available at the preorder sale price of 99 cents through Tuesday, June 20th, at which time it will go up to its regular price of $1.99. It is also available on Kindle Unlimited if you have a subscription to this service. 

To purchase a copy of Aaron's Annulment Bride from Amazon, please CLICK HERE.

Please be sure to stop by the Sweet Americana Sweethearts to learn more about the other three books being published the same day. 

Here is the book description for  Aaron's Annulment Bride:

     Aaron Brinks, son of the Jubilee Springs mercantile owners, has been living in a small room above his parents’ store even though he is employed at the Prosperity Mine. When the mine owners announce they have contacted a mail order bride agency, and will allot company houses to the first ten miners who choose a bride and pay her way, he decides it is time for a house of his own.

     Shy Andrea Draper must escape her father’s ranch. Her father has discouraged all potential suitors because he does not want to lose his unpaid housekeeper, laundress, and the cook for him and his men. Then there is the problem of Lloyd McCreary, her father’s foreman.
     Learning her friend intends to go to Jubilee Springs as a mail order bride, going with her seems Andrea’s only option for escape. She agrees to marry Aaron even though she knows she is not worthy to be any man’s wife. While trying to convince him to be married in name only until he gains title to his house, at which time they can annul the marriage, Andrea’s father shows up to drag her home against her will.
     Learning what he is up against, Aaron must decide if it is just the house he wants, or if he wants Andrea. 

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