Saturday, June 17, 2017

I messed up big-time!

I messed up big-time!

I put my first Sweethearts of Jubilee Springs novella, Aaron's Annulment Bride on preorder several weeks ago. This was agreed to by those of us who are currently writing for the series. We wanted to have the book links ahead of time so we can share them in the back matter (the stuff after the story ends) in all our books.

All well and good, but I only put up enough to satisfy the preorder requirement, not my full manuscript (All right, confession time, here. I hadn't finished writing it or editing it.) I was keeping an eye on the drop-dead date which Amazon KDP warns authors about in a series of emails. Unfortunately, those emails don't warn of the drop-dead TIME.

So, yesterday, on the drop-dead date, I merrily worked on my final edits, not paying attention to the clock. I was still easily within the drop-dead date. However, when I tried to upload my manuscript complete with updated back matter, the drop-dead time had passed. 

I was locked out. Midnight had struck, and Cinderella had not left the ballroom....

What that means is, for those readers who bought my book on preorder, on midnight just before the 20th, the book as it stood the day I set up the preorder will download on their Kindle or Kindle app. Those readers will get only five chapters of my first draft, unedited, novella.

I plan to sit up all Monday evening and night. The minute my book becomes active and is downloaded on my Kindle (Yes, I always buy one of my books, just to make sure the formatting on the Kindle looks right.), I will upload a corrected manuscript with all the chapters and (hopefully) all the errors corrected.

If you were so kind as to buy Aaron's Annulment Bride on preorder, please be prepared to go into your Kindle account under "Manage Your Content and Devices." 

Click on the little menu box before the title. There should be a link to allow you to upload an updated copy of the book.

If you planned to read the book using Kindle Unlimited, I thank you and ask that you wait until the night of June 20th, or--better yet--June 21st to download the book on your Kindle Unlimited account. While you are waiting for me to clean up my big-time mess-up, there are Books 1, 2 and 4 in the series. (Mine is Book 3.) They should keep you busy for a few hours.

*  Please forgive me for any convenience.

*  Please don't give me a bad review because I goofed.

*  Please read and enjoy the Sweethearts of Jubilee Springs series. There will be more about this series on the Sweet Americana Sweethearts blog on the release date for the first four books, Tuesday, June 20th. Please stop by, sign up to follow the blog, and learn more about this new series being written as a collaborative effort by authors who write for the blog.


  1. How long will it take before the updated version is available I went to manage content and it is not showing up I will check back again later today.

    1. I don't know how long they take. As much as I hate to suggest someone return my books for refund, since it is still on the sale price, I would go in to your Amazon account under "Manage Your Content and Devices," ask they return the book for refund, and then purchase the book again once the refund comes through. Because of this snafu, I will probably leave my book on $.99 until later tomorrow. Once again, if you continue to have problems, contact me by email at zinaabbott AT gmail DOT com. I will make it right by you and anyone else who had the same problem.

    2. thanks for the advice I will give it more time to correct as nothing is changing it right now still goes to Chapter 6 and quits. It still didn't just now I will let it go and try again tomorrow thanks for your advice.

  2. Still not getting updated version have followed link and it doesn't update. Sent an email. I will wait a few days. Book was returned I am sure it will be corrected soon and I will grab it then.


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