Friday, June 16, 2017

New Series - New Book

We authors of the Sweet Americana Sweethearts blog have done it again.

Last January we published the highly successful Grandma's Wedding Quilts series, with eleven authors from the blog writing a romance centered around quilt blocks created by the characters' common grandmother, Mary. My book, Kizzie's Kisses, is still selling well.

Now we have a new series of shorter novellas several of us have decided to write and publish.  

Starting in 1881, Sweethearts of Jubilee Springs is set in a fictional mining town high up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in a valley that manages to avoid the most extreme winter weather earning it the nickname of "The banana belt of Colorado." The region has primarily silver to be mined from the surrounding mountains, but also turquoise, garnets, sapphires, aquamarine and topaz. It is based on the area surrounding Salida, Colorado. In the series, the biggest employer is Prosperity Mine, a silver mining company.

My first book in this series, Aaron's Annulment Bride, is currently available at the preorder sale price of 99 cents. The book will be released this coming Tuesday, June 20th. At that time, the cost will rise to its usual price of $1.99. It is also available on Kindle Unlimited. You may purchase your copy by CLICKING HERE.

Here is the book description:

     Aaron Brinks, son of the Jubilee Springs mercantile owners, has been living in a small room above his parents’ store even though he is employed at the Prosperity Mine. When the mine owners announce they have contacted a mail order bride agency, and will allot company houses to the first ten miners who choose a bride and pay her way, he decides it is time for a house of his own.
     Shy Andrea Draper must escape her father’s ranch. Her father has discouraged all potential suitors because he does not want to lose his unpaid housekeeper, laundress, and the cook for him and his men. Then there is the problem of Lloyd McCreary, her father’s foreman.
     Learning her friend intends to go to Jubilee Springs as a mail order bride, going with her seems Andrea’s only option for escape. She agrees to marry Aaron even though she knows she is not worthy to be any man’s wife. While trying to convince him to be married in name only until he gains title to his house, at which time they can annul the marriage, Andrea’s father shows up to drag her home against her will.
     Learning what he is up against, Aaron must decide if it is just the house he wants, or if he wants Andrea.

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